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The team of Table Chat strives to give an excellent service to its clients. Our fabric, coating and designs are of the highest quality. We also provide a very good maintenance service to our restaurants.

Table Chat started in our garage in 2007 as a family business. Being a very artistic family, painting beautiful table cloths and ceramics, as well as teaching this craft to members of the community, we saw an opportunity to market this. After a great amount of experimenting, we eventually created a water-based product to coat the table cloths that rendered them water and stain resistant. Cleaning the cloths became a very easy process as they only needed to be wiped off with a damp cloth. Realizing that this product would be of great value to the restaurant industry, as this eliminated the expensive process of laundry, we approached them and marketed our hand painted, coated table cloths, and these are supplied to the restaurants on a rental basis.

Soon orders were coming in at a fairly rapid rate and this enabled us to transfer the business from our home’s garage to a private studio. Possibly the most positive aspect of our business is that as more business came in, we were able to employ more people. We consider ourselves to be a community driven company, which empowers members of our community, and black women in particular. Our company has expanded its services to four different cities across South Africa and is still growing! All of our staff members have perfected their artistic skills whilst in our employ.

In addition to table cloths, Table Chat also makes products such as placemats, upholstery and cushions for outdoor furniture, umbrellas, aprons and, now, a whole exciting range of bags.

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